Continental Lanes Leagues

Men’s Leagues

Day Time Type
Monday 6:00 pm Continental 12
Monday 9:00 pm Football League
Tuesday 9:00 pm Any 4-some
Wednesday 6:00 pm  
Thursday 6:00 am  
Friday 6:00 pm  

Women's Leagues

Day Time
Wednesday 6:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am
Thursday 6:00 pm

Mixed Leagues

Day Time Type
Every Other Sunday 1:00 pm Couples
Every Other Sunday 4:00 pm Couples
Every Sunday 7:00 pm Any 4-some
Every Monday 9:00 pm Any 4-some
(Football League)
Tuesday 9:00 am Any 4-some
Tuesday 6:00 pm Trio Mixed
Every Other Saturday 6:00 pm 2 Couples per Team
Every Other Saturday 6:30 pm 2 Couples per Team

Seniors’ Leagues

Day Time Type
Monday 1:00 pm Any 4-some (55 and older)

Juniors’ Leagues

Day Time Type
Saturday 8:45 am 6–20 years old
September 1 to April 30
Sunday 10am–10pm
Monday 9am–Midnight
Tuesday 9am–Midnight
Wednesday 9am–Midnight
Thursday 9am–Midnight
Friday 9am–1am
Saturday 9am–1am
Sunday Noon–10pm
Monday 11am–Midnight
Tuesday 11am–Midnight
Wednesday 11am–Midnight
Thursday 11am–Midnight
Friday 11am–1am
Saturday 11am–1am
Mon–Sun Noon–10pm

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